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From a dream to reality

2020 was definitely a tough year for all of us and the idea of taking part in such a complex project like this one was only something I could dream of. I want to thank @estera_crisan who made it possible. We worked with 8 vendors from all around the country, each one of them sending their creations in order to set up this dreamy atmosphere. Gloomy and misty

weather was the protagonist of the setup along with @laura.trifa and @aditrifa who stood up to the cold weather heroically. Many thanks to all of you people who were there and made it possible! ❤️ I bow 🙇‍♀️

Concept & Photo: @estera_crisan PHOTOfrog

Details: @i_used_to_paint Monica Adriana Zehan

Ceramic: @thisiszala

Wedding dress: @romana_couture

Costum: @asos

Wine: Domeniul Vultureni

Nails & Eyes brown: @amadecean Details:

Video: @damianfilms


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